Creation and Exploration Workshop

As a complement to the higher education program, the School offers both its graduating and graduate students a chance to participate in a professional insertion workshop leading.The objective of the workshop is to give the full experience to 5 to 8 young artists of the creation of a work of interdisciplinary circus under the direction of a designer and director.

Workshop participants receive a scholarship.

The workshop lasts 13 weeks and students present the result of their creation at TOHU.



  • 2014 Workshop - MeandreOpen or Close

    Director: Edgar Zendejas

    Presented at Tohu September 12 and 13, 2014.

    Ronan Duée
    Dorian Lechaux
    Arthur Morel Van-Hyfte
    Guillaume Paquin
    Rachel Salzman
    Cooper Stanton
    Enya White

    There is in all of us a loving imaginary world of truth and freedom, which skirts territories that are clouded by our fears, our doubts and rebellions. Human consciousness is constantly evolving in twists and turns between these two extremes. Inspired by the film Pan's Labyrinth, Méandre is an invitation to live and enjoy the contrasts. This immersion in this dark as fairy war who engages in human consciousness, echoes the extremes that are played on the stage of our contemporary world. Survival is only possible with the consciousness of being an actor in the great drama of Life.

    Photo Album of Méandre

  • 2012 Workshop - CroiséOpen or Close

    Director: Johanne Madore

    Presented at Tohu October 12 and 13, 2012

    Kyle Driggs
    Janes Gonzalez Palacios
    Erika Nguyen
    Maude Parent
    Emile Pineault

    A line is traced, revealing lights hidden in the hollows of landfills, the black belly of night. Stories flare like shooting stars. Images are born, disintegrate, fade away: a constant mutation, the white, the expanse, the surface is unstable. Like pictograms the bodies and materials create an overpopulation of fleeting moments, encounters, crossings and hybrids.

    The drawing becomes flesh. The artist enters his own work and is engulfed by it, becoming a material to be manipulated into applying the stroke that will shatter the frame.

    The School acknowledges the assistance of the Performing Arts Residency program at the Banff Centre.

    Photo Album of Croisé

  • 2011 Workshop - Berceuses tristes et autres monstresOpen or Close

    Direction: Tony Chong

    Presented at Tohu on October 14 and 15 2011

    Alba Faibvre
    Lauren Herley
    Sebastian Kann
    Léonie Pilote
    Camille Tremblay
    Maxime Yelle

    The Human Paradox

    The werewolf mythology is a simplistic manifestation of who we are and yet it is the most true and relevant representation. Every single one of us can be both monsters and angels. Even in any typical schoolyard playground, we can find violence, joy, sadness, and love. There is a great paradox – what is despicable in life can be very attractive in art. There is something nourishing and educative with everything that is hated and loved. As we all have a little beast within each and every one of us, it is the control and use of it accordingly that allows ourselves to function properly in society.

    The School acknowledges the assistance of the Performing Arts Residency program at the Banff Centre.

    Photo album of Berceuses tristes et autres monstres

  • 2010 Workshop - Ich Bin fin de partyOpen or Close

    Direction: Peter James

    Presented at Tohu on October 15, 16, 17 2010

    Joachim Ciocca 
    Ugo Dario  
    Diana Patricia Gonzalez Rodriguez 
    Maxim Laurin  
    Diane Rodriguez     
    Thomas Saulgrain

  • 2009 Workshop - En plein corpsOpen or Close

    Direction: Estelle Clareton

    Presented at TOHU, October 16, 17 & 18, 2009

    William Bonnet
    Jonathan Fortin
    Andréanne Nadeau
    Kaelyn Schmitt
    Anna Vigeland
    Anthony Weiss

  • 2008 Workshop - C'est assez pour aujourd'huiOpen or Close

    Direction: Alain Francoeur

    Presented at TOHU, November 7, 8 & 9, 2008

    Gregory Arsenal
    Danica Gagnon-Plamondon
    Nathalie Good
    Sabine Jean
    Philip Rosenberg
    Yannick Thomas

  • 2007 Workshop - Le livre des souhaitsOpen or Close

    Direction: Sharon Moore

    Presented at TOHU, October 11, 12 & 13, 2007

    Valérie Côté
    Guillaume Biron
    Gisle Henriet
    Naël Jammal
    Arno Wauters

  • 2006 Workshop - Honolulu punchOpen or Close

    Direction: Nicolas Cantin

    Presented at TOHU, September 22, 23 & 24, 2006

    David Bernbaum
    Terry Crane
    Kristina Kniprenko
    Virginie Leflaouter
    Joseph Pinzon
    Loic Quenel
    Meaghan Wegg

  • 2004 Workshop - Les anges de l'orageOpen or Close

    Direction: Jerry Snell
    Presented at TOHU, November 9-14, 2004

    Nicolas Besnard
    Annie-Kim Déry
    Hugo Desmarais
    Claudel Doucet
    Mariève Hémond
    Marc-André Lavoie
    Goos Meeuswen
    James Tanabe
    Joanie Leroux-Côté
    Anne Weissbecker