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    The ideal candidate:

    • has completed secondary studies

    • possesses both talent and potential, and is ready to pursue higher education and complete it within a 3-year period

    • has developed a high level of physical and psychomotor skills such as coordination, spatial orientation, flexibility and body awareness, and has demonstrated a degree of musicality

    • has undertaken advanced training in the circus arts or dance, or has practiced an advanced level of martial art or sport discipline such as artistic or rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline, diving, or figure skating

    • shows obvious artistic inclination and great creativity, has determination and discipline, and seeks fresh challenges

    • is curious and autonomous, open to the world and to other artistic forms.  

    The candidate has a functional knowledge of French or English. A student who does not have sufficient mastery of the French language may be required to take additional language courses at the School.

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    Diploma of Collegial Studies in Circus Arts (DEC 561.D0)
    Entrance Exam Participation Fee$55*
    Admission Fee$225*
    Incidental Fee$330**
    Tuition fees for Canadians
    (as well as permanent residents or French students)
    $4,510 per year**
    Tuition fees for International students
    (with the exception of French students)
    $8,450 per year**
    Insurance fees for International students
    (with the exception of French students)
    $850 per year*

    *Fees subject to change.
    **Payable in two payments.


    Diploma of the National Circus School – DEE
    Entrance Exam Participation Fee$55*
    Admission Fee$225*
    Incidental Fee$330**
    Tuition$8,450 per year**
    Insurance fee (International students only)$850 per year*

    *Fees in Canadian dollars, subject to change.
    **Payable in two payments. 

    Fees include free access to the sports therapy clinic if needed.

    Please see here the differences between DEC and DEE and the courses details.

    The National Circus School Foundation offers assistance to students who lack sufficient financial resources through its grant program.


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    Admission requirements

    • Excellent health (medical certificate may be required)

    • Successful completion of entrance examination

    • High school diploma (DES) or trade school diploma (DEP) or equivalent

    • For Canadian residents of other provinces than Quebec, a proof of accident and health insurance is required.

    • For foreign residents, present a Certificate of Acceptance of Quebec (CAQ) and a license for studies (these are not required for doing the Entrance Exam)

    The applicant must pay the $55 non-refundable fees for participation in the entrance examination. The following documents will be required*: 

    • One passport-sized photo (JPEG format) 
    • Copy of your birth certificate both parents first and last names’ 
    • Copy of any certificate or transcript relating to an artistic training or competitive sports practice 
    • Copy of transcript establishing the last successful year of schooling

    *All documents in a language other than French or English must be accompanied by a translation. 



    Make sure that all required documents are attached to your application. Incomplete applications will not be eligible for the entrance exam. 

    Candidates officially accepted into one of the programs must provide certified copies or originals of each document (originals will be returned to candidates via post).

    For more information about the admission, see our admission policy (French only)

    For further information about the admission and the registration for the entrance exam, please contact us: [email protected]

  • Entrance ExamOpen or Close

    Due to the actual pandemic of COVID-19, the multiple travel restrictions and sanitary measures in place, the National Circus School has decided to cancel all in-person auditions for the winter of 2021. 

    Exceptionally this year, participation in the entrance exam will be entirely online and a video must be submitted. 

    The entrance exam consists of different stages of assessment. For the first step, we will evaluate the files submitted during your online application. Next, with the video audition, we want to measure your flexibility and strength. We want to know your disciplines and see your specialist skills. We want to see you play and improvise.
    In this video, you will have to perform various exercises for warm-up, acrobatics on the floor, flexibility, conditioning, dance and play. And finally, we would like to see you do a synthesis test, that is to say to present a short performance of a maximum duration of three minutes that you will have previously designed and prepared. In the last selection step, we want to know your background to date and your future ambitions. 

    The deadline to register for the entrance exam is February 1st, 2021


    If your application meets the admission criteria, you will receive an invitation to participate in the entrance exam as well as our preparation guide to accompany you step by step in creating your video. 

Grants are available, find out more!

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