Donations in Action

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, the École nationale de cirque (National Circus School) has nurtured the creativity of hundreds of artists. Its graduates have gone on to dedicate their lives to thrilling and entertaining people around the world. Today, the School continues to inspire and support the ambitions of a new generation of circus entrepreneurs.

Contribution to the École nationale de cirque (National Circus School) – 2017-2018 Allocation


Over the past 20 years, the National Circus School Foundation has invested some $5.7 million in contributions from donors and partners who support the School and its students.

The achievements made possible include

2002-2006 : Major campaign that reached its goal of $5M.

2003 : Construction of the new building of the School in the Cité des arts du cirque.

2004 : Constitution of one of the largest libraries in the world specializing in Circus Arts.

2006 : Creation of an endowment fund. A general Unallocated Fund and two Allocated Funds: one for asset maintenance of the School and the other going to grants for students in need, which has since allowed to give $ 413,610 to 211 students.

2007-2014 : Financing Student Services program, including cultural activities, health care program and physiotherapy, as well as student exchange programs.

2009 : Construction of the residences to house high school students.

2009 : Construction of a new studio dedicated to teaching and artistic activities for students.

1995-2014 : Funding more than 30 annual shows and 9 editions of the Creation and Exploration Workshop.

Some graduates testimonies

''I thank with all my heart the National Circus School Foundation's donors. Without your support, I simply would not have been able to pay my tuition. You made it possible for me to complete my three years of professional sutides and become a circus artist.''

Jérôme Sordillon, 2013 Graduate 
- Belleroche, France